Jason Compson IV

The third narrative point of view written is that of Jason. Jason prides himself on being the only sane person in the family. He considers himself to be a logical person. He does not realize how his deduced logic is irrational. Jason becomes head of the household after the death of his father, brother and his sister leaving.  He resents the position that he must maintain the household. We get a very different perspective from Jason than we have with Benjy or Quentin. As much as Jason believes he is different from his siblings he is equally as dysfunctional. Jason does not realize that he is his own worst enemy. He blames his misfortunes on everyone else and does not find the logic of his own faults.  Olga Vickery, a literary critic infers this is one of the themes of the novel.  She states, “it would appear, then, that the theme as revealed by the structure, is the relation between the act and man’s apprehension of the act, between the event and the interpretation” (280). She goes on further to say, “each man creates his own truth..truth ia a matter of the heart’s response as well as the mind’s logic”. Therefore, we can say that the truth shifts depending on perspective. She feels that is why the novel is written as it is to show the different “truths” that are revealed by each narrator. Jason feels he is a victim. However, Jason is his own worst enemy in many instances. He lies about investing money into a company and buys a car. However, due to the smell of gasoline he can’t drive for any extended amount of time without getting a headache. He feels his sister is to blame for not getting the job promised him. He doesn’t realize without her he would’ve never had the offer to begin with. He pays a monthly fee for news on the trading industry to try and make a profit yet is always dissatisfied by the information not arriving in time. He does not stop paying the bill but only complains instead. This is common throughout Jason’s section. His point of view helps us to decipher part of the novel’s meaning.

Work Cited:  

Vickery, Olga. The Novels of William Faulkner: A Critical Interpretation. Louisiana: Norton, 1964

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