Yoknapatawpha vs. Lafeyette


Faulkner developed a fictional setting in Mississippi through the town of Jefferson, in Yoknapatawpha County. In one of his works, Faulkner indicates a fictional perspective and the fictional world as the center of a fictional place modeled after an academic village known as the University of Mississippi in Lafeyette County. This traces back to some of Faulkner’s background when he lived with his parents on the ‘Ole Miss campus.’ His father was a business manager there and Faulkner himself was a postmaster on the university’s “fourth-class post office.” His grandfather served on the university’s board of trustees, and Faulkner went to campus to watch Shakespeare performed in the grove. This fictional county and town represent a lot to Faulkner and that is why all of his novels are centered on some aspect of the county. Within this county, Faulkner concentrates on the small southern towns with “hillside farming, surrounded by poor people, in the heart of the poor,” (McHaney) and both races of black and white.

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