Quentin Compson (Candace’s Daughter)


Miss Quentin is the illegitimate daughter of Caddy Compson and after her mother divorced her husband Quentin came to live with her grandparents Mr. Jason and Caroline Compson where she was forbidden to speak her mother’s name. Jason (Caddy’s brother) was in charge of the Compson house at this time, and was still angry and blamed Caddy for the job he lost. Miss Quentin despises Jason, and the feeling could be said to be mutual. Miss Caroline tells Jason: “No matter how I feel. I realise that when a man works all day he like to be surrounded by his family at the supper table. I want to please you. I only wish you and Quentin got along better. It would be easier for me” (161). Jason responds, “We get along all right,” I says, “I don’t mind her staying locked up in her room all day if she wants to. But I cant have all this whoop-de-do and sulking at mealtimes. I know that a lot to ask her, but I’m that way in my own house” (161).

Quentin tells Jason, “Whatever I do, its your fault…If I’m bad, its because I had to be. You made me. I wish I was dead. I wish we were all dead” (162).  Miss Quentin eventually steals the one thing Jason loves––the money her mother sent but it was hoarded by Jason. Miss Quentin steals all 7,000 dollars, and unlike her mother in some ways was able to break free from Jason.

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For a guide to more resources see the Annotated Bibliography of Works Pertaining to the Compsons

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