Benjamin Compson


Benjy’s section begins with him being thirty three years old in the pasture with Luster who is searching for a quarter. “Here, caddie”(3) is what Benjy hears the golfers say. “listen at you now.” Luster said. “Aint you something, thirty three years old, going on that way…Hush up that moaning”(3). Benjy’s only communication throughout The Sound and The Fury is his constant moaning, blubbering, and crying. This irritates most of his family and Luster, but it does not bother his sister Caddy, who Benjy knows by the one who smell likes trees. His mother Miss Caroline Compson is not tolerant of his crying and is often annoyed by his behavior. Luster the black servant, usually is the one who cares for Benjy. And Caddy his sister is more like his mother.

Benjy has many thoughts and feelings but is unable to understand and comprehend them. He usually cries when he is sad, moans when something is wrong, and bellows when he is excited. Benjy’s character tells the story from a simple child perspective. Although the reader may find the Benjy section chaotic to read, because of the constant shifts in time, Benjy possesses no sense of time and can be distracted easily with a sound, scent, or object. Some of Benjy’s favorite object are a slipper, a flower, or fire. Unlike the views of his brothers Jason and Quentin, Benjy views his sister Caddy as one who is caring, understanding, and sympathetic. Benjy’s view of his sister is not as complex as the views of Jason and Quentin.

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For a guide to more resources see the Annotated Bibliography of Works Pertaining to the Compsons

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