Annotated Bibliography

Blotner, Joseph. Faulkner: A Biography. New York: Random House, 1984.  Print.  This biography is a condensed and updated version of Blotner’s two-volume biography that he published on Faulkner in 1974.  Blotner includes in his text newer material and criticism as well as other writings. The chapters in this biography are titled by dates starting with September 1897 and ending with July 1962.  Taking his original works and condensing them allows Blotner to create a more reader friendly report on Faulkner’s life.  Blotner’s biography brings to the reader a current and more accurate account of Faulkner’s life. Being a biography that includes pictures and goes into detail, it is a very helpful source in understanding Faulkner.

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  1. Blotner was definitely the way to go here. Great job and I loved the pictures too.

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